It was an amazing Monday evening to start the week. Beautiful hosts, amazing speaker, and great participants. I am referring to the meetup organised by Kshama, the Daring Queen and Anna, the Speaking Stylist or Kshanna as they would like to call themselves together. You can find more about the event here. It was a very good networking opportunity and met some amazing people. As you can see below, there is David Owen who owns a direct sales company and works with many sports clubs and non-profit organisations to raise their funds, another David Caruso who is a motivational speaker and lives in Thailand now and then we have Katherine (I think) who is a change manager and helps businesses and individuals to adapt to change and last but not the least, of course, Kshama herself.

Introduction to the evening

The event started around seven in the evening with Kshama and Anna introducing each other. Kshama is a mindset coach and Anna is a speaking coach. They demonstrated a couple of scenarios of what not to do at the networking events but more importantly, shared their stories, which were truly enlightening for someone like me who is travelling in two boats right now. But then, they also gave the Be, Do and Have model where one should go to an event and be yourself, create real connections and have amazing experiences. One step ahead, and one should also give and with this one step Anna and Kshama are giving back to the community through their events.

Then, it was time to introduce the speaker of the evening Roberta Fairbanks, the Instagram queen, as she is popularly known, who travelled all the way from Goondiwindi for the evening. She is originally from Brazil but living in Australia for the last 10 years. Coming from a marketing background and due to her father’s business, Roberta is always full of ideas. Once she had her first kid, she was on a mission to find a job where she can work from home and take care of her family.

She was once looking to buy necklaces for kids and got introduced to Mumpreneurs world. A lot of mums making a lot of money on Instagram.  Nothing got her passion to sell something and she created an online directory to find mom’s businesses. In 2 weeks, she had 20,000 followers. It happened. Initially, a lot of people said that the idea was crazy. But she created the Instagram market for free and got about 60 to 80 mums in those two days where they sold about $70,000 worth of goods to over a million people.
Then she started her online marketing business. She has been doing about $2 Million in sales for the last 2 years and works with over 1600 mums.  She is now winning awards and also nominated as one of the top social media marketers. Then she was kind enough, to share the secret.
7 reasons to use Instagram
  1. She mentioned 700 Million active users – 30% users are women between 20 to 45 years old. My research showed that there are about 7 Mn users in Australia and 56% of them are women.
  2. 70% of people check Instagram before the website. It creates a look book to the business. They won’t buy until they know you, they like you, and they trust you. Instagram is like a magazine and it helps you to create the connection with your audience
  3. Instagrammers are expecting to buy or find solutions!
  4. Connect to your target market – Inspire and inform. Post good pictures regularly. Put effort in the posts. Check competitors account, who are liking, who are commenting. Say hello to them. Look for products that are similar to you. Do research to find the target audience. Another option to connect is using the hashtag. Target engaging customer and keep on commenting their posts. This way, you will spread awareness and eventually, people will like your work and start following you
  5. Create collaborations – Create your business besties tribe. You can talk about other businesses once a week. Give valuable information to your audience about related businesses.  Every 3 months, do something huge like joint product launches, events, etc.
  6. Increase mailing list. Ebook, collaboration, newsletter, ask people to sign up, etc. are ways of increasing the mailing list
  7. Free marketing platform – Works the same for product, service and influencers
Follow the following four things:
FIND – Where are they hanging around?
ENGAGE – Let them know you are there!
CONNECT – Create relationships and get exposure!
COLLABORATE – Get seen everywhere!
One amazing advice that she gave was do not sell the product directly. Direct selling can only be 20% of your posts but remaining 80% should be the emotion behind the product. For example, reviews, examples, testimonials, stories and benefits of the product should be highlighted.

To summarise, she concluded the presentation with know your target market and find them, create a brand profile, know your product motivation/functionality, create engaging content, be seen everywhere, collaborate, deliver the goodies and most importantly know you can do it.

In conclusion, an amazing event with a lot of insights and experiences were shared. For your benefit, here are the Instagram profiles of the hosts and the queen herself:

Roberta Fairbanks:

Kshama Upadhyay:

Anna Perdriau:

Do follow them, connect with them and collaborate. Lastly, if you are in Australia and looking for a job, then do not hesitate to contact me. My meetup is finding a job in Australia and you can find more about it here.