Relationship marketing and importance of mindset

After a quiet last week, re-started the meetup journey again and what an evening. It was the amazing Sam Brent at it again, explaining the 4-hour mind and body formula. But before, I go to the knowledge part of it, let me talk about the amazing host Janja Bojanic. After 10 solid years of marketing experience in the corporate world, working for the corporate world, Janja started her business in December 2015 and launched the meetup in January 2016. The meetup is a business owners support group where everyone shares their experiences and learnings with each other to grow together. While she wanted to start a business importing shoes from Europe (especially Italy), she realized her natural ability to connect people and decided to work on that and hence she started her relationship marketing business. Hence, she got her name, the Connecting Queen. During her marketing experience, she realized that companies spend a lot of time, money and effort on building and more importantly maintaining relationships. So, the first tip of the day was to not only spend time and money on acquiring new clients but also spend the effort in maintaining and building the relationships with the clients.

She was introduced to the concept of relationship marketing and network marketing by associating with Initially, she sent one card every day for the next 2 months to her friends and family and that gave amazing results. She started working on the concept and building it step by step. Initially, she wanted more and more sign ups because of the network marketing concept but then realized that people sign up but do not use it after a couple of months. That is where she dwelled deeper into the concepts of relationship marketing and came up with her own program to help businesses to realize the importance of relationship marketing and implement it strategically in order to grow and develop their businesses further. Another tip was that most people fall in love with their products and services and not with their clients. Guess what? People crave for love and affection and to be valued and that is where she introduced the concept of creating raving fan customers. The gist of the concept is to look at the strategic relationship with the customers and not to make it transactional. To look out for the desires and the needs of the customers and not to just focus on the wants. One of the simplest tip that she shared was to do phone calls to the existing clients.

Then, it was time for the speaker of the evening to be introduced, Sam Brent. He is the head coach at Mastering Mind and Body and passionate about empowering others to empower THEMSELVES. After attending quite a few events which are either hosted by him or where he is going to speak, I have learned one important thing about him and that is, the passion that he has in helping others and the focus he has on his own goals. One would always want to train or get a mentor who is passionate about your success and Sam is that kind of person.

The 4-Hour Mind and Body Formula – Importance of mindset

He started by introducing himself and walking us through his journey and each time, I find out something new from him. One of the most important point that he started the session was that “Magic always happens outside comfort zone where one embraces uncomfortability.” He used to be a physical trainer and he realized that most people who get trained by him and really good and follow the regime for a few months but then get back to their previous shapes in no time. He explored it further and realized that while people knew what they were supposed to do, it was a mindset change required in order to keep doing the exercises and be fit. He believes (and so do I) that the success formula is 90% mindset, 5% skills and 5% knowledge.

Then he spoke about the importance of nutrition and the balance to be kept between nutrition, exercise, and rest. The next 15 minutes were a quick snapshot of concepts of exercise and how one should focus on long-term goals, nutrition and how the female diet intake has to be 1200 kcal and male diet intake has to be 1500 kcal per day, breaking it into the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat and how rest is an important aspect especially for avoiding stress.  Think of it as information that is available on Google with some personal flavor based on his own research added to it. While, this information is available and was shared by him, how many in the room were going to apply the learnings from tomorrow morning? None.

The next bit is what added value where the emphasis was on understanding how mind works and to embrace the fact that what one sees around is projection of the mind and how from the 11 Million bits of information that hit every second to us through the 5 senses, the mind only processes 132 bits of information at a time, based on values, beliefs, and so many other factors associated with our mind. This is the difference between knowing information and applying the learnings on a daily basis. In short, the concept is that only 10% of the activities that we do daily, is conscious but remaining 90% is through our subconscious mind which is developed during the years 0 to 7. I am sure, after reading this, you would be interested in knowing more about the concept and hence would encourage you to attend his events as he will be far better in explaining these things that I am. He is a master NLP practitioner and has a lot of experience in coaching others. I am sure if you approach him, he would give his 4 hours a week formula to live a successful and happy life.

The event concluded with lucky draw prizes, which have become a norm at the meetups. Apart from one of the first meetups that I had gone to, where I had won a prize, I am yet to receive that privilege again but will keep on attending the events and the meetup, not for the prizes but for the knowledge and learning that I get, apart from the opportunity to meet some amazing people who are out there living their own stories and becoming a part of my life as we move along together in fostering strong relationships to make a better world for each other and for the world at large.

Until next time!

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  1. Sam Brent

    Gaurav you never cease to amaze me! What a fantastic account of the evening, perfectly articulated with some great takeaways.


    Vow….. Gaurav. What a vibrant and vivid description of all that you have sat through. It is very refreshing to see you take so much of interest in the life of others. We in Bangalore are missing you VERY BADLY.

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