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Last event of the meetup “Finding a Job in Australia” was an insightful session around the role a recruiter plays in hiring people. Seldom, we forget the humanness of any role and this session truly portrayed the human element associated with the role of a recruiter. Before I dwell into the enormous amount of questions asked at the event, I would like to thank Stuart Foster, NSW State Manager at Interpro People for not only hosting the event at his premises but also to spend a solid 90 minutes on the stage to answer all the questions with patience and true sincerity. I salute his dedication to help the community at large in understanding the requirements of a recruiter and been transparent with the process followed by his recruitment company.

Pic: With the amazing Stuart Foster

At Interpro, the unique element is associated with dedicated recruiters for candidates and for clients, keeping the two jobs totally separate. This means that the recruiters dedicated to the candidates, are working towards the success of the candidates. They get benefited when they help a candidate get job, while the recruiters dealing with clients work towards the success of client getting the right candidates. This differentiation helps both the recruiters to focus on their own targets and makes it a win-win for all.

Now, you could imagine that with more than 50 people at the event from more than 15 different nationalities, there had to be a variety of questions. However, based on my understanding that most of the people face the same issues, the questions were repetitive in nature. In total, I had received more than 70 questions but I will go through a few here, which will give you enough understanding of the kind of discussion that we witnessed at the event.

  • What matters the most, experience or attitude?

A trick question to start the session with but the answer was “Attitude”. Having the right attitude towards getting a job is so important. This reiterates the fact that having the right mindset in order to achieve something is the key and how one approaches the job search defines the speed with which one gets the job. I know people who have come here and found jobs in the first week (Example, me) and then some people who have struggled for more than 2 years to get the right job. The difference is the attitude towards getting the right job.

  • What’s the perception of MBA? How companies are placed to one for new blood

It depends on the role and the organization. Some organizations are very specific about getting MBA candidates. Mostly recruiters are involved in hiring experienced candidates and hence fresh graduates are better off applying with the companies directly.

  • Why is it that some recruiters don’t respond with a timely feedback and keep the communication incomplete?

While, maintaining candidate relationships is of prime importance to recruiters at Interpro People, not all recruiters would have the same attitude towards hiring candidates. In spite of the fact that recruiters are approached by many (do not want to give any numbers here but it is a lot) candidates on a daily basis and sometimes it becomes humanly impossible to respond to all queries. However, a follow up call after the application always helps when it comes to seeking feedback from recruiters on your application or interview.

  • How to get the relevant job to your skill set especially when you have a decade and a half of experience coming to Australia?

It is very important to portray your experience in a way which demonstrates the value that you can add to the role and work towards the success of the organization. More experience also means more expectations and it is your duty to stand up to those expectations by demonstrating the right skills for the role.

  • How to get your first break in Australia?

While, most of the answers here would cover this question, the most important one is that one has to start thinking out of the box. Applying to the right jobs, improving your communication skills, finding and working with the right recruiters, having the right resume, etc., all contribute towards the finding the first break in Australia. It is agreed that it can be a challenge but it all depends on how one takes up that challenge.

  • What I shall inculcate in me or in my skills to get a place where I can get my hands dirty?

Volunteering for some organization or even with a not for profit company can help giving that relevant experience. Any work is better than no work when the situation is desperate. It is better to show that you were working in some role with some organization than saying, you were looking for a job sitting at home. When you show that you have the willingness to learn new things, embed yourself in the new culture, etc., it always helps you when searching for the relevant job.

Pic: Participants waiting for the event to start

  • What’s the best way to approach recruiters? And when is the suitable time for that?

Finding the right recruiters is very important and one can use resources like seek, LinkedIn, Networking to do so. Also, as mentioned earlier, follow up with the recruiter after making an application is the key in getting the feedback. Also, realize that it is a numbers game. You are creating a funnel for yourself. Number of job applications leads to number of recruiters that you would contact, which would lead to a particular number of recruiters who may be interested in you and eventually, a few from that number would actually assist you in finding that next job.

  • What can be done in case recruiters do not have any response?

A very straight forward answer is “Move on”. There are about 3000 recruiting agencies in Australia and Stuart is sure that one can definitely find the right recruitment agency suitable to their role and industry out of this number.

  • Is Australian Job Market open to immigrants for leadership roles.

Definitely. Demonstrated leadership qualities are always going to assist when finding such roles. There are vacancies on all levels and an immigrant is just another candidate. Having said that, there maybe some clients who maybe biased but such people are not very often to come across.

  • Should you recommend approach just one recruiter or several recruiters at the time

Of course, several recruiters.

  • What are the Common red flags which recruiters spot either in resumes or that first phone call?

Mostly these are related to written and spoken communication skills.

  • How do I overcome rejections emails?

The same way as the recruiter would do. Walk around the block and take a break from your job. Rejection is definitely a reality and one should learn how to deal with it, especially while searching for a job.

  • How does the recruiter work in Sydney?

It is explained above as to how the recruiters work at Interpro People. However, to add to it, most of the recruiters in Australia work on commission. The base salary is average and then for each candidate or role that the recruiter helps fill, he or she gets commission for placing that candidate or filling that role.

I have recollected most of the answers that Stuart gave but might have added a few tips and tricks of my own somewhere. However, you get the gist.

At the end, I also shared information around the career network that I have launched. If you want to know more about this awesome network that I have launched, visit CAREPRONET.

If you missed this event, do not be disappointed and look out for the next event on the meetup website. Until next time.

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