I know it has been a long time since I wrote anything. I was thinking of adding a few things in the last 6 years but life has taken many turns and twists and never hot a handle of it. After changing countries, thinking of changing countries again, becoming father of twins, some great holidays, some not so great business ventures, I have decided to discipline myself and follow at least one thing that I am a “little” passionate about. “Little” because, I do not know to what extent this passion is going to last. It may be an infatuation for that matter.

This brings me to this great topic of internet marketing. For me internet marketing is nothing but making money out of internet. It could be via Adsense, Affiliate programs or selling websites or anything else that you could possibly think of, but through internet. I think, it is not about the money (well, to an extent, it is) but it is about trying to see if something that I think works for me or not.

Since last couple of years, one thing that I have stopped doing was to read good articles and follow good bloggers. I think, it was a big mistake on my part but I do have my own excuses. However, it is recently (last month or so) that I am back on track and started reading some quality articles. You must have heard of the saying, where there is will there is way. And guess what, I stumbled upon this article on Entrepreneur. I went and read about all 8 of them and in some way or the other, I would like to thank them because they have verified that I was thinking on the right lines.

Since about an year or even more than that, I have been thinking about internet marketing but was not putting it to practice, literally. Our company still does a lot of web designing, SEO, SMO but I feel that we need to take a bigger leap in order to compete in this market. More on the company and other things about it later, as today we are going to focus more on what I am going to start.

Well, I will be starting my journey with this website called FindInsideIndia. This is a website that we started last year. It is a blog site and is based on certain keywords that we selected using the Google key planner tool (I am planning to write one post in the coming week on a small tutorial of how to use this tool). We have started writing some blogs on this website and have seen some decent results. Here is an image of the current Google Analytics status.

FindInsideIndia - 12-04-2015 status


You can see that the user base is going down steadily. This reason can be attributed to the fact that we have stopped putting fresh content on this website since last 3 months. Also, you can see that the Avg. Session Duration is only 1:05 and the Bounce rate is also 82.22%. Also note that we are not doing any social media or SEO on this website as of now.

What are we going to do in the coming weeks?

We will be working towards the following targets:

– Monthly user base to cross the highest achieved user base (so far) by April End

– Do a lot of Social Media Optimization to ensure that the reach increases to a great extent

– Improve the average session duration by improving the quality of the web design

– Reduce the bounce rate considerably to bring it under control

– Make the on page changes and start the off page work on this website

– Walk through each step as we go through and analyse the results and share

Why are we going to do this?

After reading about a few entrepreneurs, I have realized that it is very important to connect with the audience (customers). Also, it is very important to walk them through the journey so that it gives them an idea about your working style and also sets the expectation straight.

Please let me know if there is something else that I should be adding or considering before embarking on this journey. Your comments and suggestions are truly welcome.

Thank you for reading.

Note: It took me 55 mins to write this post (I will try and note the time of each post for my own record as I do not want to spend more than 60 mins in a day on this)

Featured Image Credit: lemonadestand.org