Aussie culture and how to embed in it

It was yet another awesome meet up and I realized the importance of having started this meet up in the first place. Finding jobs in Australia is growing with leaps and bounds. After about 6 weeks and 2 meetings later, it already has 187 members. I could not have imagined that there are so many people who would need help and that makes it even more interesting to work towards achieving the goal of helping as many people as I can (I think, I should give myself a number for this, but maybe eventually). It is awesome to see, so many people coming forward to help and assist in this endeavor.

This meet up about Aussie culture and how to embed in it, was even more special, because of the presence of awesome Juhi King who graciously offered her time to address a very motivated audience. It was overwhelming to see participants from about 8 different countries turning up for the event. Here are the highlights from the conversations that we had:

  1. Australia is a country of people from diverse cultures and it is one’s ability to understand and adapt to different cultures, which is the key to success here
  2. One should have a positive attitude of been able to achieve and get the first job as early as possible
  3. Having local experience and the need for it is a myth. One should be able to demonstrate the skills in the right way and relate to the job that one is applying for
  4. Volunteering for local causes is an amazing way of getting to know local people and interact with them to understand how they live and enjoy life
  5. Following local sports is another way of knowing what is happening locally and may help in starting casual conversations with people
  6. One of the common-sense thing shared by John from (more about this later), was to stop seeing your phones on the train or at the coffee shops and start having valid conversations with fellow people. You never know, your next offer could be from the person sitting next to you on the train
  7. Networking is the key and one should try and approach as many networks as possible, as you never know, where your next job offer is going to come from
  8. Having clarity of the role that one is after is very important. What are you good at and what is it that you want to do?
  9. Interviews are more to judge your fitment into the team, apart from the skills that you have. If you have reached the interview, it already means that you are able to demonstrate the skills that the company is looking for
  10. It is important to dress properly and according to occasions. After all, it is all about presentation

For those of you who missed, you also missed an amazing opportunity to get FREE half hour mentoring sessions with Juhi, who was kind enough to offer it to 2 luck draw winners. Congratulations to the winners and I hope you can get the benefit out of these as she has a lot to offer and can definitely help in your endeavors.

Some other tips that I would like to add are:

  1. Try to talk to at least 2 new people everyday apart from the one’s you already know. Put an effort in this and see the difference in you
  2. Try to go to as many meet ups as possible. It doesn’t matter if they are not related to your work but when you are out there, you feel so much better and also meet new people
  3. While, one should continue their effort of applying through seek, indeed and other job sites, but sometimes going directly to company’s job sites, offices, LinkedIn connections, is also important and necessary
  4. Having your profile written properly is also very important. If you need help in getting your profile reviewed, get in touch and I can help

Apart from all the above points, I cannot forget to mention that we had Dick Lam with us, who is always so helpful and supportive and he shared some quick tips on dressing sense and how he dresses differently according to occasions and makes a statement through his clothes. He stressed on the importance of presentation and I think that was another key take away.

We also had John from He shared an awesome website, which is the brain child of an amazing person Yaseer, who wants to help people get jobs faster. One can go and create a profile on this website for FREE and expect a trial offer from companies, as the portal grows and more and more companies come on board. The idea is to give the companies the ability to try people, before hiring them. I had a meeting with Yaseer later in the week and he showed me that as per NSW laws, companies can try people from 1 hour to up to 1 shift. It is simple, if they like you and your work, they would hire you. How cool is that! If you have not created your profile yet on this website, I would encourage you to do so. You can not only create a profile, but also download it as pdf so you can share it with others. I am going to have one created for myself. There are some awesome things that Yaseer is doing in the background and I am sure I will be talking more about these in the upcoming blogs and the events to follow.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone to participate in this meet up and I encourage you to spread the word as we want more people to be benefited. The next meet up will be around interviews, as that is what most of the people mentioned in their feedback forms. I am always looking for ideas to improve and grow the meet up and if you have any, please do share with me. I am available on LinkedIn to connect with you. You just should add me.

Until next time.

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