Book launch – A night to remember

An evening that I will remember for a very long time. Someone asked me, how does the book launch work and I said, well, let us figure it out. And, so did I. Today, I had the book launch or more so I would say an emotional roller coaster ride for me and I guess, since I have become an author, I like to share my emotions through writing. So, how was the night and what is a book launch?

Traditionally, a book launch is an event where someone launches a book for the first time. According to my dad, I was to call a “celebrity” or someone important, wrap the book, put a bow on it and then let that someone important open the book for everyone. And there would be media, photographers, and what not. My evening was surrounded by my meetup members, my workmates and some amazing people that I have come across in my journey for the last 6 months. Someone also told me to tell dad that I am a celebrity now and don’t need anyone else.

So, the event started as usual with a networking game so that people talk to each other. My friend Dick Lam was just awesome in helping me with hosting the event. He is truly adorable and shared my story much better than I would have. Sometimes, you listen to someone and go, wow! Especially, when they are talking nice things about you. To be very frank, when he called my name and I was supposed to go on the stage, I was very nervous. Generally, at the events, I am very relaxed and confident but today I was not.

There were two questions that I think I answered during my short talk.

What was the inspiration behind writing the book?

It all started in June 2017 when I arrived in Australia for the second time.  As soon as I came, spoke to a few friends and landed in my first job as a Business Analyst. While I wanted to do things in this area, something else was planned for me. One thing led to another and I started the meetup “Finding a job in Australia” and it started growing by leaps and bounds. I started working with many people with their resumes, interview skills, networking skills, job search strategies and all that. These activities gave me insights into the process of searching a job. I realized that it is not just about getting a job. It is about ensuring that you truly adapt to the culture and the country that you immigrate to. While one might have good reasons to immigrate to a particular place but what does the place get? The purpose of immigration should be wider and deeper and not limited to just getting a job. However, the job is one of the most important things when one moves to a new country. All these experiences added to my thought process and allowed me to put together a guide to help people make the decision of immigration and if they do so, then settle into the new society. This was the inspiration.

What did I get from writing the book?

Now that I am getting introduced as a published author, many people ask me this question. How is the response? And this is what I tell them. The biggest compliments that I could get for the book were from my family. My wife complimented that finally, I finished my book and that she was proud of what I did. My mom was crying when she first held by book, tears of joy, pride, and happiness. My 3.5-year-old twin daughters were running around the house and they were happy because their names were written in their dad’s book. My dad gave me a proud hug. Many friends across the world complimented and praised me. I don’t know where this journey will take me from here but from where I am, I think I have got a lot.

To conclude, I feel it is important that people connect with people at emotional levels and work together in making this world a far more better place to live. Leave a legacy behind for future generations and do good in your own little ways.

If you want to know more about the meetup visit here.

And, if you want to buy the book, then you can go here.

Thank you, Dick and Daniel, for some amazing pictures!

Until next time!

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  1. Congrats…Good job

  2. Amazing It is indeed a proud moment for the entire family.Gre8 work. Keep up the spirit. God bless you.

  3. Congratulations great job

  4. Great job.

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