If one goes to the www.theiiba.org website, a whole lot of information is available about Business Analysis but from the even growing community of Business Analysts, I thought, I will put some points here which I think are important to be a Business Analyst.

I thought about wrting this, as today someone asked me about this profession and that’s where I started thinking about the skills required for this profession.

According to me, Business Analysis is about talking to Business as a representative of Information Technology. Now, the position that a BA get’s into is that the Business will never consider them as part of Business and though been a part of IT, BAs are never technical. However, a true Business Analyst is a person who could manipulate both sides in order to bring benefits to the organisation, as a whole.

BA is the missing link between information technology and business and according to me needs the following skill sets: Ability to talk sense, understand people, to be able to show that he/she understands technology and most of all  a smart communicator.