Recently, out of the blue, I raised an interesting question on Linkedin, it was not interesting, untill I got so many answers to it. I was overwhelmed with the response and the responses both. The question was “Are we over dependent on internet?” Everyone is talking about world getting smaller and smaller and it is becoming easier and easier to connect, thanks to internet as a technology.

The answers were quite interesting, people compared internet with utilities like water and sewage, telephone (now we can call this an utility), etc. I got many yes and many no to the question. While people might have realized that they are quite dependent on internet, some agreed, as I do now that we are not OVERLY dependent on internet. There were some stastics provided, which says that 1.3 bn people use internet but hello, this is only 20% of the world population (6.6 bn). Still 80% are not using internet.

So I think the question should had been for the 20% as to whether they are over dependent, I am sure that most would have said they are. People who are in sales and use internet extensively to find leads, do research on companies, would lose jobs, some people who are in recturitment, especially external recruitment who search profiles in social groups and online would be sitting at home as well. There can be many shuch examples.

Another point which was unnecessarily raised by me due to the flow of answers was, what if internet is not there tomorrow? Obviously, such thing would never happen and hence I thought not to ponder on this more.

Well, the conclusion is that people who think that they are over dependent on internet, it is completely a personal choice and immediately one can change habits to ensure that the over dependence is reduced. Someone has said that it takes 21 days to cultivate a habit. And it is completely your decision if you want to be over dependent on a particular technology.