As I wrote yesterday, that I am planning to write an article on how to use the Google keyword planning tool, here I am to give you a very straight forward and easy method to use this tool.

Generally, this tool is used to determine the keywords that need to be targeted for a given business. Consider this. You have a customer who is into providing electrical services in your area. For argument sake, let us consider your area isĀ Parramatta, which is a very big suburb in Sydney, Australia.

Taking this example, I will walk you through a step by step process of determining the keywords.

First step is to sign in to your google/adwords account and if you do not have one, then create one google account first:

Google Sign In page


If you are logging for the first time, it will ask you the following details:

Google welcome page


Enter your details and then press “Save and Continue” here. Once you do this, it will show you the “Welcome to Adwords!” page. Of course, you are excited about joining adwords and creating your campaigns (trying to explain why the exclamation is used).

Welcome to Adwords page


You saw that Google is so generous. You do not have to create a campaign in order to use the keyword planner tool. This is the point where you navigate to the tool. It is located under “Tools”. See the image below.

Navigate to keyword planner tool


Once you select the “Keyword Planner” option above, the Keyword Planner first page will be displayed.

Keyword planner first page


You will note that there is a Google disclaimer which suggests, “You can use this tool to generate ad group and keyword ideas. It doesn’t guarantee improved performance. You are responsible for your keyword choices and for complying with our advertising policies and any applicable laws.” However, do not worry. This tool is pretty accurate and I personally have not come across a better keyword planning tool. But if you know of any other tool then feel free to write to me in the comments below and will be more than happy to explore and review. Coming back to the keyword planner tool. The next step is to fill certain important fields. You do remember, that we are going to search for electrician in Parramatta, right?

Well, there are four tabs

  1. Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
  2. Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  3. Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords
  4. Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

For the task we have on hand, we will go with the 1st option for now. In this option, there are two important fields. The first is the product or service and second is targeting the location. Note that it may be good idea to narrow down your location as much as possible. You can also put country as location and that will broaden your search horizon. But point to be considered is that, as much narrow as you can go, the associated keyword will bring you quality traffic resulting in more conversions. Do you want 100 visitors with 0 sales or you prefer 20 visitors with 2 sales?

As you can see, I have put “electrician in Parramatta” in the product or service and Sydney in location.

Keyword planner - what would you like to do


Now press, “Get Ideas”. This is what you would see:

Keyword results


The page will take you to the Ad group ideas but you have to go to the keyword ideas.

Well, here I come to the end of part 1. In the next post, we will talk about the interpretation of these results and how to get the final keyword suggestions out of this.

Note: The FindInsideIndia project has started getting some attention. Have created the social media accounts and started posting stuff. Will share the results at the end of the week. Hopefully, we are on track.

Today, I took almost 50 mins to write this post.

As always, thank you for reading my post and if you have any questions, or suggestions, please comment.

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