One of my friends’ wife went to a Yahoo booth in one of the IT job fairs and met a friend. In front of the entire Yahoo booth, she said “Don’t worry about the address, I will GOOGLE IT”. You can imagine the reaction there but then was she wrong? I told my friend this story and he added, most probably, even the Yahoo people might be saying the same thing. Google is famous, hello, good morning, this can come only from someone who has come directly from the stone age. Is this dependency on google, just dependency or over dependency. Why is it that one single day is not spent without google? You need someone’s address, google it, you need to learn about something interesting, google it, you are searching for a new job or want to know about a job profile, google it, if you need to find about nearest joint to hang out, google it again. World has become smaller, is it because I can google anything in this world to know what is happening around? I am a regular reader of News, ask me where, obviously Google.

This, my friends leads me to a new word, derived from Globalization called Googalization…is it the same thing? Can there be one day, one single day without Google? If you also think the same way as I do then feel free to comment or atleast vote for the poll here…Happy Googling!!!