Many stakeholders will be involved while deploying and using partner relationship management. I have thought of some and you can add more…

Alliance Program management team – Will help in deploying the PRM application. Set the expectations upfront on the framework, guidelines and policies for managing alliance relationship within the organization

Alliance teams – Users of PRM application. Day to day use of the application once it is successfully deployed. Review and governance of alliance. Will also help in upgrading the application and the initial deployment

Sales teams – Users of PRM application. Interact with the alliance teams and the partner organizations to share leads and update the status of current leads

Partner organization – User os PRM application. Will help in initial deployment, and continuous review and governance of the alliance.

Top management – Users of PRM. Review status of alliances and decision making

Solution or product teams – Users of PRM. In order to get inputs as to what kind of solutions to be build, resources to be trained, etc.

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